Psychotherapy helps individuals gain insight and develop strategies to overcome barriers, obstacles and personal challenges. It can help individuals with many kinds of concerns. Help with adjusting to life change, improving one’s wellness and mental well-being, and reducing mental health symptoms. You and your therapist will work together to assess the problem and identify options to resolve it. This frequently involves making changes in thought and behavior patterns that keep you from feeling your best. Your therapist will create a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who’s objective, neutral, and nonjudgmental. Your therapist will draw upon various therapeutic interventions and develop a personalized treatment plan collaboratively with you. See our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

Today Mindfulness is frequently used with psychotherapy. There are even specific therapies that have been developed with mindfulness as a key part. Our home page lists common concerns and conditions that we specialize in as well as the therapeutic interventions that we primarily use.

William offers individual therapy to adults age 18 and older.