Begin the journey

People seek counseling for many reasons and issues. Counseling can reduce the distress associated with these situations and conditions. Deciding to engage in therapy is the first step.

Step by Step

Effective therapy is a process of taking steps toward your desired goals by building upon achievable short-term objectives.

Achieving Balance

With each step along the journey, you are creating the change you want. Your therapist is a trained helper, guiding you along your path toward wholeness and enhanced well-being.


Psychotherapy helps individuals gain insight and develop strategies to overcome barriers, obstacles and personal challenges. It can help individuals with many kinds of concerns. Help with adjusting to life change, improving one’s wellness and mental well-being, and reducing mental…

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Hypnotherapy can often provide results quicker than psychotherapy alone. This is because clinical hypnosis increases the focus in therapy to achieve desired goals. Clinical hypnosis can deepen new learning and enhance personal strengths. Learn new ways of responding to…

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Mindfulness is a practice that cultivates some specific qualities of mind that can increase general well-being, as well as being very useful in psychotherapy to facilitate healthy desired change. Therapy is a process of discovery as well as a…

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Clinical Staff


William J. Roderick, LCSW

Owner/Principal Therapist